GRAPHIC DESIGN I,   Pr. Ellen Baryshev

Illustration with Everyday Objects | Design with Lines And Shapes

Please note: these projects were made by students with majors other than graphic design; therefore, your projects have to be more professional and complicated

Steven Ochoa

Zhen Dong Li


Leyda Ortega Comas

Gaby Cruz

Badr Barco

Melisa Wu Lin

Katherine Alas

Saria Tabassum

Aaron Nieves

Abstract Portraits

Representing a student’s perception of the partner’s personality, using the expressive qualities of art elements: lines, shapes, values and colors

Katherine Alas

This is my partner Brian. In this painting, I used geometric shapes (the squares and triangles) because geometric shapes are typically associated with men. For his face, I broke it down into 3 shapes and 3 colors to represent the different parts of his personality. The colors I chose them based on the video of the psychology of colors and I chose the ones best match, Brian. I chose blue for the background because he seemed like someone who is trustworthy and yellow because Brian seems like a very happy person. I chose the colors green because it green is a color that is supposed to be relaxing and I thought that went pretty well with Brian because he seems to be a pretty laidback person and orange because of its pretty vibrant color and because despite being laid back Brian is a bit active too. Lastly, I made a line connected to his ear because he told me he enjoyed listening to music and made the line wavy to look a bit like his wavy hair and the collar of his shirt I wanted to make it look like a pencil because Brian said he also enjoys drawing.

Brian Torres

My partner is Katherine. I painted the picture to look like two different people but still be one because at first she a very shy person when it comes to new people, but later on when she gets to know you she is a kind hearted, fun person and more open towards you. So on the shy type of part i try to draw less brighter colors for her shyness and on the other half more of bright colors. I try making her hair look like brushes because she likes to paint, I also added paint drops. I try to add yellow and other colors that ducks have on them because their her favorite animal

Aaron Nieves

Salma and her distinct personality inspired this abstract painting. She has a lot of passion and strength behind her character. She can be direct at times, but other times she can be circuitous and that is not bad at all. When you hit the right subject with her, she will start talking a lot. She has a strong love for design, but she is especially attracted to interior design.
In the painting I wanted to keep a geometric feel to the structure of it all. The sharper edges personify the structured life Salma lives. The curves added in the painting throughout represent her free-spirited side. Her favorite color is primarily black, but she also likes dark blue. The red background was added to represent the passion and strength in her character. I was also slightly inspired to pick these two specific shades of blue and red because it reminded me of the Mediterranean. Egypt is a country that is settled along the Mediterranean Sea and Salma is also from Egypt.

Roshane Chin

My Partner is David and for the past two classes he did not show up, so for this assignment I am panting my idea of David using what is provided on his Open lab.
He lives in the city so I added the concrete grey of the city. He seems to be an energetic person so I added a lot of yellow. He seems to also be a caring person so I added red as he wants to go around the world giving people his voice. I feel he has big dream that is why I surrounded him with the color purple.
I broke the panting in two kinds of both organic and geometric lines. On the left I used organic lines as I still don’t know him, so he still a mystery. While on the right I used geometric lines as I know a few things about him, like he wants to go around the world so I panted a pyramid, he likes photography so I panted a camera.

Salma Sherif

This is Aron. He is my partner, Aron is a leo sign and that’s why i have the leo signs and the lion paws. He also loves all type of blue and that’s why i have his hair as a cloud and it’s in blue and i have another shade of blue. I used the grey because it’s a quite color and Aron’s personality is quite but also have yellow and the red to it which is for the fun person he is. The flowers represent how he is such a sweet and kind person.

Melisa Wu

My partner is Manjie. The face of right I used blue hue, because she gave me the feeling of silence when during our first conversation. She had little shyness, so I put a pink circle on the face. Also she want to travel to Japan and that the pink cherry blossom symbolizes Japan and pink represents shyness. Although she is quiet, I can feel her liveliness in her voice once she starts chatting. So I used yellow for her mouth and background. In her introduction, I learned that she likes to play games. She preferred single player games, so I drew a joystick for her neck. I use the blue wavy line because sometimes she with casual sort of attitude.


Illustration from Simple Geometric Shapes

Company "Animal Heroes". Illustrators: Saria Tabassum, Russel Delgadillo

Animal Store. Illustrators: Melisa Wu Lin, Manjie Wu

Company "Lines by S&A". Illustrators: Aaron Nieves, Salma Sherif

Dogs adaption company. Illustrators: Katherine Alas, Roshane Chin

Game company. Illustrators: Brian Torres, Huang Jiaqi, Marley Rodriguez