COMD 4801, Portfolio Professor Ellen Baryshev


I created the Word document “Your Grades.docx” and put it into your dropboxes. At this point it is empty; I will fill it twice: with your mid-semester scores and grade, and with your final scores and grade. You will see your mid-semester grade after the PDF midterm portfolio presentation.

You can think about midterm portfolio presentation as of Midterm (10% of the final grade)
See all details on the homework for 3/13 part. Put the midterm presentation PDF file into your dropbox; name it YourNameMidterm.pdf

Due date for midterm grading: 3/13
No late submissions. I will contact each of you individually with the grade and my comments starting with 3/14, after that you will have several days for improvements; if you improve your portfolio, resubmit the PDF portfolio file not later than March 18, so I would have time to post your new portfolio prior the presentation on March 20
(I already made a webpage for your PDF portfolio presentations; link is at the left)
For people with whom I do not meet on 3/13: the PDF portfolio still needs to be submitted into the dropbox for grading.
The earner you submit the midterm presentation, the better; please email me if you do. Please do not procrastinate; it is not so much time as it seems to be

Presentation: 3/20