Graphis Design 2,   Pr. Ellen Baryshev
Information and assignments
1. YOU (not I) are responsible for listening and reading all the instructions, including homework assignments and projects’ texts, and following them. If for some reason you missed an explanation or an announcement in class, the information is always written clearly on my class site:
  • My contact information
  • Syllabus (with attendance policies included)
  • Projects explanations; grading policy and schedule of projects
  • Classwork for each class
  • Homework for each class
  • Projects' texts (every word), assigned text at the class site left bar (textbook and links), links with coding, etc.

Due dates for homework are firm; for example, if it is written: HOMEWORK FOR 10/17, that means that the due date for all parts of this homework is 10/17.

2. You have to do all the assignments following the instructions; therefore, read the assignment text very carefully.

3. We have only 2 hours a week, and it is not enough time for me to spend much time on explanation. Therefore, you have to spend much more time studying to cover assigned material and beyond.
Important: you have to get used to increasing your knowledge independently throughout your career – it is common practice and the responsibility of the graphic designer.

4. If you were absent, you are still responsible for submitting your homework on time as it is always available for you on your class site.
5.  To avoid any problems, I advise you to start doing your homework as soon as possible. Starting to do it at the last minute may cause problems with finishing it: your computer froze, your file becomes corrupted, you have an emergency situation, etc.
6. I am willing to communicate with you via email on weekdays if you have any questions. Also, it is good practice to ask some of your classmates for their phone numbers or emails in case of any questions.
7. Although, it is a good idea to help each other with your homework, you must not ask anyone to do the assignment for you in its entirety. For example, some students try to deceive me by sharing their files. If I catch you, there will be negative consequencs.
8. Keep the files of each project in the drop-box.   

Always ask questions
1. Ask questions in class about any issues that we are studying as many times as you need until it becomes clear. I am always insisting that you ask questions because I have to be sure that you understood every little detail before moving to the next subject.
Of course the second part of success is absolute necessity of thoroughly doing your homework
2. Here is the important thing to know:
I will help you with all new materials, design and projects, assuming:
a) that you learned and understood the previous material
b) that you are listening my explanation (not wasting time texting, speaking, doing something else)
If you put in a concerted effort, but still are confused about something, please read Part 1 again – "Ask questions"       
If you did not listen carefully, did not ask questions, study, practice, etc. and do not clearly understand all the previous material, you will not be able to comprehend the new information built upon it.  And, I cannot explain to you the new part without the explanation of the previous one (and the previous one, and the previous one). I do not have a luxury of explaining to you the whole course from the beginning, while the rest of the class waits for the new materials.
In such a case expect me to leave you without explanation, but rather helping students who really and seriously work.
1.Use allowed amount of absences only when necessary. Do not assume that the college allows you to have one absence for your leisure, and when you really have a problem, you will bring a doctor’s note and it will not be considered an absence. An absence is an absence in any case.
2. If you come late and I am busy lecturing or speaking with a student, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell me about your lateness at the end of the class and make sure that I correct the absence mark to the late mark. I am very busy in class and might not remember students who came late; in this case the absence mark for that day will remain in the roster.
College rules: In the case of excessive absence, the instructor has the option to lower the grade or assign an "F" or "WU" grade
3. If you are more than 30 minutes late, I will count two such latenesses as one absence
No exceptions policy
I have to treat everybody fair and equally.
I understand that anyone might have problems, obstacles or difficult situations; however, I cannot make an exception for one person, but not for another. If you have special circumstances, which prevent you from coming regularly to class or doing your homework, please contact a college counselor.

There is a goog Chinese Proverb: "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"
So, it is for you to decide to enter or not, to learn or not, to work hard or not, to follow the rules or not, to have an "A" or an "F"