Ellen Baryshev

I’m a passionate art and design professor with over 20 years of experience in the field. Teaching creative skills is not only my job, but also my true calling, and I take great joy in helping my students reach their full potential. I believe that fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment is key to helping students develop their artistic abilities and achieve their goals.

College classes I teach:

  • – Graphic Design
  • – Communication Design
  • – Multimedia Design
  • – Advertising Illustration
  • – Web Design
  • – Portfolio
  • – Raster and Vector Graphics
  • – Typography
  • – Studio Design
  • – Drawing
  • – Painting
  • – Tutoring

About The Projects

Each project is based on design theory learned materials, such as design elements, design principles, Gestalt theory, color theory, typography theory, composition, layout, grid, etc.

Working with the projects help students to understand the importance of design theories and use them on practice.

Almost each project requires to follow the design process:

1. To do the research and define the problem.
2. To generate as many ideas as possible through multiple thumbnail sketches.
3. To select two or three of the stronger thumbnails and develop them into roughs.
4. To create a comprehensive for the class presentation and submit to instructor for review (to be presented to the client in real life).