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Grades and Records


Class Meetings & Attendance
College rules:
1. Attendance and class participation are essential and excessive absences may affect the final grade.
2. Unless you are notified otherwise, all courses will start according to the schedules listed in the bulletin. (In our case – 6:00 pm)
3. The college permits students to miss 10% of a class (in other words, not more than 3 classes)
Note: 2 latenesses constitute one absence.
In the case of excessive absences the instructor has the right to lower a student’s final grade depending on the amount of absences

During the meetings, we need to see each othere faces. If you don't want us to see your room, you can use Virtual background


If you think that you can fail the course (for example, if you got an “F” or a very low score for a mid-semester grade and still perform in the same manner), you still can windrow from the class

How Do I Process My Withdrawal Through CUNYfirst Student Self Service?

  1. Log into CUNYfirst.
  2. Select Self Service.
  3. Select Student Center.
  4. On the top left portion of the screen, in the Academics box, click on the "Enroll" link.
  5. On the next screen, select the "Drop" tab at the top of the page.
  6. Select the check box next to the course you are withdrawing from.
  7. Click the "Drop Selected Classes" button under the course list.
  8. You will get a confirmation page that allows you to make sure you selected the proper course.
  9. Cick the "Finish Dropping" button.
  10. You will get a message that your course has been dropped and assigned a grade of W. You are finished processing your withdrawal.

Visual instruction

(Team project, 20% of the final grade)
Symbols sketches - 10
Symbols design on Illustrator - 20
Illustration sketches - 10
Illustration design on Illustrator - 30
Brand guideline - 20
Illustrator technical quality -10
Total - 100

(Design elements and principles)
Grading scale
Components and grading max points:
1. Sketches: quality and quantity 10
2. Designs with lines only 30
3. Designs with lines and shapes 30
4. Layout, skillful Illustrator work 30
Total 100
Due dates and submission:
11/1 Sketches - drop box submission
11/3 Computer work – 90% of work done, dropbox submission, continuation working in class with my help
11/8 Computer work- 100% finished, drop box submission for the project grade

Grading score
10 points: 4 sketches in the dropbox
40 points: Interesting design, professional color application
40 points: Skillful and accurate working with paint
10 points: Professional submission
Total 100 points

Due Dates
10/6: 4 sketches in the dropbox
10/11 - no college; nevertheless: finishing drawing and starting painting
10/13: 90% Finishing painting;
(Take a photo at this stage and put it in the dropbox for discussions)
10/18: Finishing painting; dropbox submission of a scanned or photographed work for a grade
Tracing Pattern, step by step tutorisl

Due for sketches discussions is 9/22; Dropbox submission (and if you want on the OpenLab)
Due for the final grade is 9/27; Dropbox submission
Grading score
10 points: 4 thumbs in the dropbox
40 points: Interesting shapes, good design
40 points: Skillful working with ink or paint
10 points: Professional submission
Total 100 points

Schedule and due days:
1. 9/13: Phase one: research, brainstorm, multiple thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook
and Phase two: 2 roughs - refined sketches, 9x12 inches in your sketchbook, with the real object
Optional: Upload roughs on the Open Lab for peer critiques
2. Dropbox Submission:
9/20: Phase tree: comp - accurate finished work in your Bristol pad, with the real object

Grading score:
Components | Max points
Creativity, uniqueness: 40 points
Skillful implementation of the comp: 40 points
Professional photo submission: 20 points
Total: 100 points

Basic grading criteria: mindfulness and execution accuracy
Schedule and due days:
Practicing: 9/1
Final submission into the drobox: 9/6 (even if we do not have college, you still are able to submit the file into the dropbox)
How to submit:
If you have a scanner, scan your paper with high resolution; upload JPG image into your dropbox
If not, take a good, professional photo; upload JPG image into your dropbox
Note: Click on the RESOURCES button to find the information on how to take a professional photo

Illustrator Tutorials:
Learning Illustrator software for the following two projects
You have to submit 5 illustrator tutorials into a folder “Illustrator” (make it yourself in your dropbox folder)
All five tutorials, submitted on time (!), will be count as one quiz (20 points)
I do not count tutorials submitted after the due date (before 11:30)

Tutorials| Due dates
1. House - 10/20
2. Fox – 10/25
3. Linking Rings – 10/27
4. Robot – 10/27
5.Reindeer in a Car – 11/1

It is a repeating project for each class session
Class presentation, 20 points (instead of one Midterm quiz)
2 students will do the presentation each class session, 4-5-minute each one
Score distribution in points:
6 - Highlighting all art elements in a painting; discussion of each one
6 - Using professional vocabulary (Class/homework texts; Resources on the class site)
4 - Well prepared speech
4 - Keeping us interested

Class presentation, 20 points (part of the final test)

It is a repeating project for each week
2 students will do the presentation each class session, 4-5-minute each one
Score distribution in points:
5 - Discussion off all design principles that are present in a poster.
5 - Clear and logical explanation of your statements
5 - Using professional vocabulary (Class/homework texts and other resources on the class site)
5 - Well prepared speech and keeping us interested
20 points total


8/30, 2021

Hi guys, welcome to my class.
These are difficult times, everybody has problems to some extent, some of us quite serious. But it doesn’t mean that we should give up, life continues no matter what, and everything will be eventually good, hopefully soon.
Therefore, meanwhile let’s adjust to the new normal, new college guidelines, and enjoy our class together.   
In this class you will get a lot of necessary knowledge, the basics and foundations to be professional designers. These foundations are very important for your future profession - whatever beautiful building you plan to build, it will not stay strong without a solid foundation and eventually will collapse.
So, we need to apply effort and to do our best to study and practice, to become a high-class specialist, to survive in this highly competitive design world. And if you are serious and passion enough, it is actually quite easy


Let’s start:

Our class is HYBRID, which means one in-person meeting is required this semester between weeks 3 – 8. (I will inform you when and where at the beginning of the semester)

Note - CUNY’s Student Vaccination Policy:

All students registering for a fully in-person or hybrid class for the fall 2021 must be fully vaccinated to attend in-person classes unless they have been granted an exception or medical exemption. Requests for exceptions or medical exemptions must be submitted via CUNYfirst.

Please read

Online meetings:
We will be meeting during the class time, Mondays and Wednesdays, from 11:30AM to 2:00pm via Zoom. The link is
It would be convenient for you to download the free Zoom app on your desktop:

Zoom Camera
I prefer to see your faces during the class time. You have to have a serious reason keeping your camera off. To prevent students not participating in class using the hiding mode, I will be taking an attendance randomly several times during the class session. If you need to step out for several minutes, you have to inform me orally or via message
If you don't want us to see your room, you can use Virtual background
Zoom Microphone
Please keep your microphone off unless you need or asked to speak


The office hour is Mon, 2pm-3pm via the same Zoom link. If you need an additional time, we can certainly arrange it


Your main class site:
You will use this site to find all course information: the class and homework for each week, assignments and readings, new announcements (on this page), syllabus, grading system and calculations, useful resources and tutorials, projects examples and more.


In addition, for quizzes/tests (and probably some other activities) we will use OpenLab (I will give you the instructions later, meanwhile read OpenLab tutorials)


I will create a dropbox folder for each of you using your city tech email, where you will upload your homework for grading. I will send you the invite; you have to accept it and create an account there (unless you already have one).

It would be a very good idea to physically download your dropbox into your desktop. It will work as any regular folder and will be automatically synchronized with your dropbox on the internet every time.  

To download and install the Dropbox desktop application click this link.

You will be prompted to download DropboxInstaller.exe file. Click Save file and then just activate it, following some instructions.


Please do not use Share option in dropboxes. The files have to be uploaded into your dropbox, just click Upload Files button at the right (see the attachment), find your file and click open.

Also, do not use dropbox Papers feature.

Here is the dropbox help if you need


If you don't have a computer to do the coursework, the college has a limited amount of iMacs that you can request through this link to loan:
Also, college is working on a remote login capability to utilize our onsite computers as your remote workspace. Each loaned and remote desktop will have Creative Suite; but again, college must get started with the effort to identify student needs, and get them to the above site to request a machine.


Very important: in order to succeed in this online course, you need to be very responsible communicating with me; therefore, read each my email thoroughly and answer if required.

Please email me anytime when you have questions or want to say something, I am checking my email Monday through Friday at least twice a day. I am very disciplined answering; if you did not get my answer, it means that I did not get your email (which almost never happens). Then please email again (or use my college email if still something is wrong).

Distance Learning Rules:

- I am available via my email as always

- The homework will be posted on your class site every Monday and Wednesday mornings.

- You have to read and watch ALL the materials very carefully and practice a lot.

- To do and submit the homework on time is MANDATORY (handmade work - take good quality photos) into the dropboxes for grading and the OpenLab site for peer critiques

- You have to answer on all my personal emails (when I address you by name)

- And more TBA


From the College Registrar email:

Despite all of our efforts, if students are not engaged actively in the online courses, their credits and grades will be in jeopardy. We cannot award credits simply because online courses exist. Students need to know your expectations and participate actively in the course in order to complete it successfully”.