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Grades and Records


Class Meetings & Attendance
College rules:
1. Attendance and class participation are essential and excessive absences may affect the final grade.
2. Unless you are notified otherwise, all classes will start according to the schedules listed in the bulletin. (In our case – 11:30 am)
3. The college permits students to miss 10% of a class (in other words, not more than 3 classes)
Note: 2 latenesses constitute one absence.
In the case of excessive absences the instructor has the right to lower a student’s final grade depending on the amount of absences


If you think that you might fail the course (for example, if you got an “F” or a very low score for a mid-semester grade and still perform in the same manner), you still can windrow from the class

How Do I Process My Withdrawal Through CUNYfirst Student Self Service?

  1. Log into CUNYfirst.
  2. Select Self Service.
  3. Select Student Center.
  4. On the top left portion of the screen, in the Academics box, click on the "Enroll" link.
  5. On the next screen, select the "Drop" tab at the top of the page.
  6. Select the check box next to the course you are withdrawing from.
  7. Click the "Drop Selected Classes" button under the course list.
  8. You will get a confirmation page that allows you to make sure you selected the proper course.
  9. Cick the "Finish Dropping" button.
  10. You will get a message that your course has been dropped and assigned a grade of W. You are finished processing your withdrawal.

Visual instruction


I will create a dropbox folder for each of you using your city tech email, where you will upload your homework for grading. I will send you the invite; you have to accept it and create an account there (unless you already have one).

It would be a very good idea to physically download your dropbox into your desktop. It will work as any regular folder and will be automatically synchronized with your dropbox on the internet every time.  

To download and install the Dropbox desktop application click this link.

You will be prompted to download DropboxInstaller.exe file. Click Save file and then just activate it, following some instructions.


Please do not use Share option in dropboxes. The files have to be uploaded into your dropbox, just click Upload Files button at the right (see the attachment), find your file and click open.

Also, do not use dropbox Papers feature.

Here is the dropbox help if you need


Note - CUNY’s Student Vaccination Policy:

All students registering for a fully in-person or hybrid class for the Spring 2022 must be fully vaccinated to attend in-person classes unless they have been granted an exception or medical exemption. Requests for exceptions or medical exemptions must be submitted via CUNYfirst.

Please read

Project 1
Note: you will be submitting the whole 16-page document (not each page as a separate document), adding parts at due dates
Parts Due Dates:
2/14 Book Cover sketches
2/14 Anatomy of Letterform part
2/16 Book Cover in InDesign
2/16 Typeface Variations
2/21 Kerning
2/21 Tracking
2/21 Leading
2/23 Alignment
2/23 Typeface classifications
2/28 Serif’s classifications + sans serif (5 pages)
3/2 Magazine page 1
3/7 Magazine page 2
3/7 Type on a path, inside shape

The meaning of the word expressed visually
Due dates/Score
Part 1
3/14: Sketches, 2 pages (12 total) – 20%
3/21: Work in Illustrator – 20%
Originality, creativity 10%
Part 2
3/21: Sketches, 2 pages (12 total) – 20%
3/23: Work in Illustrator – 20%

Originality, creativity 10%
Total - 100%


Due dates/Score
3/28: Research and Thumbnail Sketches, 2 pages (4 total) – 20%
3/30: Rough quality - 10%
4/4: Comp (final deliverable)
Design and layout – 40%
Work in Illustrator – 20%
Originality, creativity - 10%
Total – 100%
2/14 email:
In case if you did not read my email, here is the copy:

Hi guys,
I checked some of your dropboxes and decided to clarify something:
The due date means the day  when something has to be accomplished, you know that. In your case it is the homework. For example, the due day 2/14 means the work has to be finished and submitted 2/14 before the class starts.
The reason is - we have things to do in class (new materials, new parts to work, etc.) and there will be no time for finishing your homework that already has to be finished.
All due dates are always indicated on your class site, so you are perfectly aware.
The submission information is in your project instructions. For example, for 2/14, a Word document with the finished text for your subject has to be put in the dropbox,  finished InDesign and PDF files of the Type Anatomy parts have to be put in the dropbox; 5 sketches of the Book Cover have to be brought in class for the discussions. (I put an image of some good sketches in your homework for 2/14)
Again, class time is for the class work, not for the homework.

I will not be returning to this issue anymore; I hope it is absolutely clear.

Late submission will have grade reduction consequences
Read again
I will follow these rules with NO EXCUSES and NO EXCEPTIONS

1/31, 2022

Hi guys, welcome to my class.
These are difficult times, everybody has problems to some extent, some of us quite serious. But it doesn’t mean that we should give up, life continues no matter what, and everything will be eventually good, hopefully soon.
Therefore, meanwhile let’s adjust to the new normal, new college guidelines, and enjoy our class together.   
In this class you will get a lot of necessary knowledge, the basics and foundations to deal with typography and to be professional designers.
So, we need to apply effort and to do our best to study and practice, to become a high-class specialist, to survive in this highly competitive design world. And if you are serious and passion enough, it is actually quite easy