Art director: Name
Copywriter: Name

Company or organization  name
One paragraph of short description/overview/information about the company or organization , such as:
When it was established (or it is a startup), what it does (sells products, provides services, entertains, etc), how big it is, etc. Write any relevant information that helps to understand the essence of the company or organization.

Objectives statement:
(Questions/answers format)

1. Define the product or service

2. What is the potential audience?

3. What is the benefit of the product (or service) to the targeted audience?

4. What message needs to be communicated? (Only one important message )

5. What is the call to action (donate? purchase? subscribe? become aware? get tested? etc)

6. What would you like the company’s intended audience to think and feel? What is the key emotion you want to establish for the audience?

7. What is the personality of the company?

8. What is the competition (list several existing similar companies)?

9. What is different and unique about the company's products or services from similar companies, and what are the advantages  to stand out of the competition (extreme quality, low price, the largest inventory, the safest product, the best guarantee, etc.) ?

10. What is the headline that would better describe the message that you want to communicate? (List 10 or more ideas here)