Art director: Name
Copywriter: Name
Communication Design II,
Professor Ellen Baryshev

(Note: please do not write anything that is in parenthesis, including this one. These parts are merely for clarifications)


A one paragraph description/overview/information about the company or organization, such as:
When it was established (or it is a startup),
How large it is (World famous, medium-size, small business, etc.)
What it does (sells products, provides services, entertains, etc),
Competition or similar organizations (list several existing similar companies)
Write any relevant information that helps to understand the essence of the company or organization.

Objectives statement:
(Question/answer format)

1. What product or service of the company will you advertise?

2. What do you want to achieve with this campaign; how it will help the company?

3. What is different and unique about the chosen products or services from similar companies, and what are the advantages to stand out among the competition (extreme quality, low price, the largest inventory, the safest product, the best guarantee, etc.)?

4. What is the potential audience that you plan to target? (Narrow the audience for your campaign, do not make it too broad – the campaign style and mood depend on target audience)

5. What is the benefit of the product (or service) to the targeted audience that you choose to advertise? (Try to choose only one benefit among several possible and concentrate on it)

6. What message needs to be communicated about the benefit? (The headline(s) likely will be connected to that message)

7. What is the call to action? (donate, purchase, subscribe, become aware, get tested, etc.)

8. What would you like the company’s intended audience to think and feel? What is the key emotion you want to establish for the audience?

9. What is the headline that would best describe the message that you want to communicate? (Might not be applicable, but possible)

Concept. Campaign description:
(Narrative format, one page)

- How the project will look,
- What components it will have,
- From what materials the components could be built
- Where it will be placed,
- What you want people to feel,  
- How you expect they would react,
- etc.
Write any relevant information that helps to understand the essence of this campaign

Note: describe all tree settings of the campaign separately