DO NOT list:

Working on design:
  • Do not use clipart under any circumstances
  • Do not make many focal points (it should be only one)
  • Do not forget about visual hierarchy
  • Do not make your design busy, without white space
  • Do not distort/stretch images
  • Do not use low resolution images, unless they are for web
  • Do not use too many colors
  • Do not put complimentary colors with the same intensity together, especially green and red
  • Do not put an image on a background of a similar value unless you have a reason to do it

Working with type in one design piece (and in general):

  • Do not forget about hierarchy of information
  • Do not use more than 2 typefaces (exception – 3, but very carefully);
  • Do not use 2 decorative typefaces (one can be decorative and the second – traditional)
  • Do not use all capitals in cursive fonts and in body text
  • Do not distort/stretch font
  • Do not use: Comic Sans, Curlz MT, Brash Script, Monotype Corsica, Bradley Hand ITC,
    Kristen ITC, Viner Hand ITC, Papyrus and similar 100-years-old typefaces
    (Times New Roman and Arial – only for body text)
  • Do not use little difference in font sizes (use the second one at least 2 times bigger)
  • Do not use many colors and especially gradients
  • Do not put the text with one color on the background with the complimentary color, or with the same value
  • Do not put the text on a busy background (make it readable)
  • Do not apply layer styles such as Bevel and Emboss, Glow and unnecessary shadows from layer styles
  • Do not put the text of different meaning with equal distance and equal size
    (use big size contrast, and cluster this text in groups according to their sense and meaning, putting these groups into different positions
    Example: in a business card - a company name, a card holder's name with his position, and the info, such as address,
    phone, fax, email, etc., have to be divided on three groups)
  • Do not forget to take care of the font-face (you have to consider opening your file on another computer):
  • - Do not forget to apply Create Outline command to the text in Illustrator
    - Do not forget to rasterize the text layer in Photoshop

Do not start working on your design before analyzing at least 50 professionals ones!