Developing the ad concept - HOW your message needs to be said – the primary idea behind the piece.
You should develop the concept to communicate the objectives in the best way to express the personality and spirit of the company.

Note on style:
Your ads can be in any style: pure graphic, illustration, photo manipulation, creative typography or any combination of them (but of course all three pieces have to have the same style)
You CANNOT use other photographers’ work (not morally, not legally, not professionally); I don’t want to see your ads with a somebody's beautiful image, where you only add some tect, such as this one: VISCONTI
Of course, you can partially use photos of objects or unknown people if you need them for your ad (or photos taken by you)


- This list is quite big, but not completely full; if you think your concept doesn't feet any of these categories, create one yourselft.


A visual pun is a pun involving an image or images (in addition to or instead of text)  to form a new meaning. The viewer must mentally elaborate on the visual stimulus to interpret the message
Examples with pun ad:
Ad series for Sabai - play with English idioms:” having cold feet”, “foot in the mouth” and “two left feet”.
( Headline:” For all other foot problems – Sabai”)

Strenght for your hair

Light Beer

But use puns in ads carefully and be aware of bad taste puns

A visual analogy is a comparison based on some likeness or similarities; for example whitening a fence and teeth  
Bad Dog Breath - comparison of bad breath with a dog’s smell from behind
Body Milk - comparison of human skin and rough chicken leg
"Without Ketchup" campaign: comparison of a taste of a steak without ketchup with taste of cardboard:
Heinz 1
Heinz 2
Heinz 3


A visual metaphor uses a visual that ordinarily identifies one thing to signify another, thus making a meaningful comparison
American Red Cross It should be a fat coin-pig; a skinny one signifies starvation

SYMBOLISM - attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships
Colored baby booties, which symbolize gender; green color symbolizes money, heart is a symbol of love or health, etc.  
Metro, Healthier City

These ads behave as observational life situations, sometimes serious, sometimes pointing out the humor in every-day occurrences.
“Yeah, that happens to me,” should be someone’s response to your ad
Don't Let Traffic Change You

Often, the answer to an ad problem is looking at the problem itself.
Volkswagen Beetle campaign :“Think small” and “It’s ugly, but it gets you there.”
Also, small cars take little space: Smart Car, "Open Your Mind" ad
And, small cars need less fuel: Smart Car, "Fuel Consumption" ad


Fast Working Laxatives
Very sharp knife
Chevy’s new car ads focus on the size and strength of their vehicles.


An ad may feature a celebrity to endorse the brand
Olay, cream from dark circles
An endorsement can be from an everyday person with whom the potential consumer can identify.
Bank of America


To use the brand or change your behavior
Wear Helmet
Use Protection

Usually humorous expression in which you say the opposite of what you intend
Text and Drive

World Wildlife Fund ads:
WWF, Fashion Claims More Victims Than You Think
WWF, Imagine This Is Yours
Stop Global Warming
More emotional ads

Deutscher Olympischer SportBund ad campaign: If You Don'r Move, You Get Fat
Folgers, Morning without coffee
Timotei, Natural Style, Mousse

Some concepts might overlap; that means you can apply two or more concepts to one ad (but you still should communicate only one message) For example, this elephant is a visual metaphor for our planet, together with everybody living on it; and of course, it is very emotional. But the message is one and very clear:
Desertification destroys 6,000 species every year