Class presentation.

Most works of art are created using almost all of the elements and principles of art, gathered in one piece. They are the tools artists use when creating a work of art, and when combined, they produce a complete artistic vision.
Consequently, any art piece can be analyzed and broken out into elements of art, which are the building blocks of an artwork: line, shape, form, color, value, texture, size, proportions, space, as well as some Gestalt principles.

When people are familiar with the elements of art, they become more aware of the details and can better appreciate what they see and the message behind it. Knowing the elements and principles of art boosts visual literacy.

Your assignment is to choose one painting of any time period and style (renaissance, realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract, cubism, art nouveau or art deco, etc.) and make 4-5-minute presentation to the class, using screen sharing to show the painting.
You will analyze the art elements, what they are, where they are, how they work, what you feel about how they are used, etc.
You don’t know a lot about colors yet, but at this point know what are hue, value, intensity, temperature, so you can use these aspects to discuss the colors in the painting and how they make you feel.

To prepare:
1. Refresh your knowledge, reviewing class/homework.
2. Explore these links, which will definitely help you with your presentation:

How to find a panting
1. Browse art movements and styles:
Art movements
2. Google the chosen style, your favorite artist or a favorite painting. Use medium to high resolution images, around 800 - 1000 px a side
3. Save the link or a file with painting to your computer
4. Prepare and practice your presentation

Just for your pleasure and self-education: you can visit many virtual museums all over the World